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Whether you’re starting a new project or modernizing an existing one, Automatak has the expertise.

Who are we?

Automatak is a software engineering firm with deep subject matter expertise (SME) in electric power control systems/protocols, software security, and software development: the perfect blend of experience to help utilities and vendors meet the challenges of grid modernization.

expert consulting

Automatak consults on a range of software development projects within the electric sector, including traditional SCADA driven automation and emerging decentralized standards and technologies.

software engineering

Automatak has years of experience working on traditional Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) protocols and systems and an ever growing portfolio of Smart Grid-related projects.

advocating for open source information

Automatak believes in shared knowledge and access to software, such as our Opendnp3 program. This furthers the field and creates an open environment for innovation.

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customer satisfaction

years of experience

Need Support? We can help.

If you’re a returning customer or just someone with questions, Automatak is here to help. Automatak is available to assist with software installation, specific features offered with products, or your latest project.


What does Automatak do?
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How does Automatak manage their projects with clients?
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How does SCADA expertise help my system?
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Our products will make your system efficient

ICS / SCADA applications require robust components, but too often software is the weakest link. Aegis™ is a smart fuzzing framework for a growing number of protocols that can identify robustness and security issues in communications software before it is deployed in a production system.

Our services guarantee a successful project

A majority of the business is dedicated to services involving our SCADA/ ICS protocol SME. You can go through the entire process of getting a new system, updating an existing one, or any pieces within the process.

existing systems analysis

Systems must evolve to meet changing needs, both in terms of features and scale. Having an experienced 3rd party analyze, document, and report recommendations prior to launching the next major phase of your project or product can be invaluable.

project management
Automatak provides project transparency by making source control visible to client using a platform like Github. Project planning, issue tracking, and source control is all exposed and managed in one location.
software implementation
Automatak works collaboratively with the company’s engineering team to reach the end goal of a robust system that meet specifications. Automatak applies best practices for the targeted language, platform, and environment so that the end product is consistent and maintainable.
quality assurance testing

Automatak typically implements multiple forms of positive and negative testing to provide broad coverage and confidence in the systems we create.

Let’s work together

Whether you’re starting a new project or modernizing an existing one, Automatak has the expertise.